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Training Program

In coopereration with all three organizations we have established a detailed plan to qualify Veterans, obtain an appropriate dog, and complete the necessary training for both the Veteran and dog through a series of training programs at no cost to the Veteran or their family.



  • Veteran will meet with The Vet Center to qualify for the program.
  • Must have an established need for a service dog and deemed capable of completing the training program and caring for the dog.
  • Will attend up to 5 visits (as determined by The Vet Center) and will include intake, military history, and a treatment planning that includes recommendation for a service dog.
  • Stipulation for Veteran to utilize services at The Vet Center: A Veteran who served in a combat zone which may be found on a DD-214 with a campaign medal or expeditionary medal, or suffered military sexual trauma.


Dog Selection

  • Veteran will meet with Certified Canine and Victory For Vets to help determine the appropriate type of dog to fit their needs. Veteran will be sent home with a training DVD and training information.
  • Certified Canine will work with Helping Hounds to find an appropriate match for the Veteran.
  • Legal ownership of the selected dog will be transferred to Certified Canine until the Veteran and dog completes the program. Once all training/testing is complete, legal ownership will be transferred to the Veteran.



  • Service dog will reside and train at Certified Canine for approximately 4 weeks prior to meeting the Veteran.
  • Meeting and hands on initial training session will be scheduled with the Veteran when the dog is ready to go home.
  • Veteran will be sent home with specific training exercises to work on individually.
  • There will be additional training sessions along with ‘in field’ training sessions with Certified Canine (number/frequency will be dependent upon progress and needs of the Veteran for additional assistance).
  • Upon completion of training, Certified Canine will schedule the Canine Good Citizen test for the Veteran with dog by an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.