Glenn Miller is currently in the home training portion of our Veteran Dog Program with his service dog in training Mac.  He began the program in September of 2018 and we anticipate that he and Mac will graduate this spring.  He is currently working on training goals at home along with attending training sessions with Certified Canine Services both at the training center and out in public.  Glenn resides in Harpursville NY with his wife Crystal.  They have 6 children – Cody, Alissa, Madison, London, Harley, and Glenn III.  He is the owner of Got Your Six Hauling Tree Service.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and tree work.

Glenn is a United States Air Force Veteran and served from June 2002 – August 2013.  During his military career he was stationed in Georgia, Washington State and Alaska and had 3 combat deployments.

When he started in the Victory for Vets Dog Program, Glenn shared with us that although he wanted to be able to go many places with his family, such as grocery shopping and school activities, he rarely felt comfortable doing so.  His goal for having a service dog is to be able to take a bigger part in his family life by being able to participate in activities and events outside the comfort of his home.  Since he brought Mac home in November, he has been able to stay out with his family for longer periods of time.  Life with Mac has been educational for him and Glenn has enjoyed getting to know him.  They have a very close bond and Mac always wants to be wherever Glenn is.

Glenn recently participated in an ‘in-field’ training session with Certified Canine Services Trainer Neil Mathews.  The session went fantastic and the trainer and Victory For Vets Dog Program Director could see remarkable improvements in regards to the two of them working as a team together.  We are excited to see Glenn and Mac work together on their progress towards graduation and for Mac to continue assisting Glenn in being able to have an active part of his family’s life.